Unit Prices in Philippine Peso (PHP)
City 1.3 A MT PHP 575,000.00
City 1.3 S MT PHP 625,000.00
City 1.3 S CVT PHP 665,000.00
City 1.5 V MT (w/ SRS and ABS) PHP 705,000.00
City 1.5 V CVT (w/ SRS and ABS) PHP 745,000.00
Jazz 1.3 S MT PHP 650,000.00
Jazz 1.3 S CVT PHP 690,000.00
Jazz 1.5 V MT (w/ SRS and ABS) PHP 731,000.00
Jazz 1.5 V CVT (w/ SRS and ABS) PHP 772,000.00
Civic 1.8 V MT PHP 777,000.00
Civic 1.8 V AT PHP 817,000.00
Civic 1.8 S MT PHP 849,000.00
Civic 1.8 S AT PHP 884,000.00
Civic 2.0 S MT PHP 937,000.00
Civic 2.0 S-L AT PHP 1,117,000.00
Civic 2.0 S-L AT (Pearl White Mica) PHP 1,132,000.00
Accord 2.4 VTI-L AT PHP 1,470,000.00
Accord 3.0 V6 AT PHP 1,690,000.00
Accord 3.0 V6 AT (Brilliant White Pearl) PHP 1,705,000.00
CR-V 2.0Li 2WD MT PHP 1,220,000.00
CR-V 2.0Li 2WD AT PHP 1,270,000.00
CR-V 2.4Li S-X 4WD AT PHP 1,470,000.00
CR-V 2.4Li S-X 4WD AT (Brilliant White Pearl) PHP 1,485,000.00
PILOT 3.5Li V6 PHP 2,600,000.00

Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. reserves the right to change prices at any time without prior notice.
Details, colors, descriptions and illustrations are for information purposes only. As equipment, specifications, and prices may vary in some countries please check with your nearby Honda dealer.

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