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New Year Kick Off Deals

  1. Low Cash-out and Low Monthly Amortization All-In Bundle – Customers shall be entitled to acquire this Financing Schemes for payment terms of 15% and 20% downpayment and 36 to 60 months.
  2. Free One Month Amortization – applicable only to 15% and 20% downpayment with 60 months financing term.
  3. Payment Terms – the Financing Programs are applicable for 15% and 20% downpayment with 36 to 60 months payment terms. This is subject to bank approval. Fifteen percent (15%) downpayment is not applicable to UCPB.
  4. Customers are entitled to avail a free insurance package c/o BPI, RCBC, BDO, Robinsons Bank, Maybank, PNB, Sterling Bank and Bank of Commerce (Security Bank, UCPB, China Bank, PBCOM, PSBank and East West Bank DO NOT offer free insurance). Minimum amount financed required for BPI, RCBC, PNB, Robinsons Bank, Maybank and Bank of Commerce is P500,000.00. For BDO amount financed required is P600,000.00 and for Sterling Bank eighty percent (80%) of amount financed.

ALL-IN PACKAGE includes 1-YEAR COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE with ACTS OF NATURE, 3-YEAR LTO REGISTRATION & CHATTEL MORTGAGE FEE. Low Cash-Out, Low Monthly Amortization and Free One Month Amortization All-in Bundle Financing Support Promo are subject to approval of bank partners. Shipping cost in provincial dealerships is not included.

Inquire at your nearest Honda Cars dealership now! 

Discount differs from each model. See posters and fliers for details.

Promo duration is from January 1 - 31, 2018 only. Per DTI FTEB Permit No. 18356, Series of 2017.