Honda Dealership

The Honda dealership is a place where people come into contact with Honda products. A Honda product is not complete until the customer is greeted at the dealership, explain the features and advantages of the car, take the customer on a test drive, and have the customer understand Honda's value. Product value is greatly influenced by the impression the customer receives at the dealership. The impression of the product generated at the dealership becomes the Honda "brand" itself.

Dealer Showroom

The dealer showroom is where customers can have a feel of the Honda brand. It is designed to exhibit a comfortable atmosphere to encourage customers come in to look and test the products on display.

Service Reception Area

In the Service Reception Counter, we determine the satisfaction of service customers, using a cheerful, soothing and relaxing environment.

Customer's Lounge

This is the main area that creates a distinctive and innovative impression that is ahead of the customer's expectation. This is where all types of customers can pleasantly spend time waiting.