The Honda PROTECT PLUS Extended Warranty provides customers with an additional warranty of 2 years or 40,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. This is on top of the standard 3-year warranty, and takes effect on the 4th year of the vehicle, after the standard warranty has lapsed.

Transferrable at no cost and refundable at minimal cost, this extended warranty is aimed at giving our valued customers peace of mind, protection from unexpected repair expenses, quality service and genuine parts, and increase in resale value of vehicle.

The Honda PROTECT PLUS Extended Warranty has the same coverage, exclusions , and owner responsibilities with the standard warranty. It is available for purchase for all buyers of any Honda vehicle. Buyers may purchase it together with their new Honda vehicle, or at anytime within 30 days (or their 1,000KM check-up whichever comes first), or from the release of the vehicle.


Honda PROTECT PLUS Extended Warranty is an optional purchase. Honda Protect Plus is initially available at brand new car purchase only. Visit and inquire at your nearest Honda dealership today. 


Where can you buy Honda PROTECT PLUS?

  • All authorized dealers.

When can you buy Honda PROTECT PLUS?

  • During purchase of new car sales. 

Who are qualified to buy Honda PROTECT PLUS?

  • New car buyers.

Why should you buy Honda PROTECT PLUS?

  • Peace of mind
  • Protection from unexpected repair costs at 4th and 5th year
  • Honda quality service and parts - Increase in resale value of car

How can you buy and how much is Honda PROTECT PLUS?

  • Please contact your Sales Consultant for more details. 

What is Honda PROTECT PLUS?

  • Honda Protect Plus - is an additional 2 years or 40,000 km (whichever comes first) warranty on top of standard 3 years warranty. It is an optional product that customers may purchase.
  • Additional Warranty Period/Mileage - 2 years or 40,000 km (whichever comes first)
  • Exclusions - Same with Standard Warranty (first 3 years Warranty) plus Body and Paint
  • Car Models Covered – All car models
  • Transferability – Transferable to new owner of car
  • Dealers Covered – Can be claimed at all Honda dealers
  • Warranty Claims Limit - None

How Much is Honda PROTECT PLUS?


Model Honda Protect Plus
Brio 12,300
Amaze 12,700
City 15,300
Jazz 15,900
Mobilio 16,500
BR-V 19,800
Civic 22,100
HR-V 24,900
CR-V (Petrol) 30,800
CR-V (Diesel) 31,400
Accord 35,900
Odyssey 39,100
Pilot 67,700
Legend 87,700



I. Is this Honda PROTECT PLUS worth it?

Yes it is worth it because:
- It is a protection for unexpected repair costs.
- Honda Protect Plus is an extension of standard warranty (first 3 years) except Body and Paint on parts covered by Honda PROTECT PLUS.
-Honda Protect Plus provides Honda genuine parts and Honda quality service.

IX. What are my responsibilities to keep my Honda PROTECT PLUS?

You should follow every prescribed Preventive Maintenance schedule (6 months/10,000km, whichever comes first) to not void your Honda PROTECT PLUS.

II. How much is this compared with other brands?

Price of Honda PROTECT PLUS starts at Php 12,300 in comparison with other brands that start at Php 24,000.

X. Can I Refund my Honda PROTECT PLUS?

Yes. Refunded price will be Honda PROTECT PLUS purchase less P1,000.


III. What are the payment terms for Honda PROTECT PLUS?

It can be paid via cash or credit card.

XI. What are the conditions to avail of Extended Warranty Refund?

Honda Car MUST Be:

  1. Declared Total Wrecked/Flooded Vehicle
  2. Declared Stolen Vehicle
  3. Sold Vehicle

        Proof must be presented such as:

  1.        Total Loss Report from Insurance Company
  2.        Stolen Vehicle Report from PNP or NBI
  3.        Deed of Sale

IV. What do I need to do when claiming for Honda PROTECT PLUS?

Go to any Honda dealer and present Honda PROTECT PLUS Card with PM History attachment during your Honda PROTECT PLUS claim.

XII. Until when can I refund my Honda PROTECT PLUS?

Honda PROTECT PLUS can be refunded within first 3 years of purchase. Honda PROTECT PLUS cannot be refunded during 3rd to 5th year.

V. Where can I claim for Honda PROTECT PLUS?

All authorized dealers (nationwide)

XIII. Where can I refund my Honda PROTECT PLUS?

You can refund your Honda PROTECT PLUS on dealer where you purchased your Honda Protect Plus. If it is impractical to go to your selling dealer, please contact your selling dealer to arrange refund process with your preferred dealer.

VI. What are the procedures incase of transfer of ownership?

You are required to keep Honda PROTECT PLUS card and Preventive Maintenance (PM) history document (located on Standard Warranty Booklet). No additional documents will be required by Honda.

XIV. How can I refund my Honda PROTECT PLUS?

a. Go to Honda dealer where you purchased your Honda Protect Plus
b. Present the necessary documents:
- Honda Protect PROTECT PLUS 
- OR/CR/Deed of Sale of Honda car

* For customers with logistical concerns on their selling dealer, please contact your selling dealer to arrange different refund process.

VII. Is there a fee for transfer of ownership?

None. Transfer of ownership is FREE-OF-CHARGE. For this availment, customer is highly encouraged to contact any dealer for ease of warranty claims in the future.

XV. Can I buy Honda PROTECT PLUS after I refunded it?

No. Honda only allows one-time purchase per unit.

VIII. What if I lost my Honda Protect PROTECT PLUS?

a. Customer shall inform selling dealer within one (1) month to have hassle-free warranty claims in the future.
b. Present the following necessary documents:
- OR/CR/Deed of Sale of Honda car
- Standard Warranty Booklet
c. Pay Php100 as replacement for lost Honda PROTECT PLUS Card

Important Reminders:

You should follow prescribed Preventive Maintenance (PM) schedule to not void your Honda PROTECT PLUS. Keep your Honda PROTECT PLUS Card at all times. This card shall be required for every warranty claim.

Price Comparison:

Honda - Starts at Php 12,300
Brand X - Starts at Php 24,000