Honda Vehicle Maintenance Certification

Honda Service Vehicle Maintenance Title
Honda Service Vehicle Maintenance Support


Qualification Criteria to Certification

The customer can qualify on both or either two (2) categories of certification depending on the vehicle’s warranty condition and these are as follows:

  1. Vehicle within Warranty Period (6 PMS visits):

    As prescribed on standard Periodic Maintenance schedule, customer should visit six (6) times with six (6) month interval.

  2. Out-of-Warranty Period (4 consecutive PMS visits):

    Customers who religiously visit dealers for Periodic Maintenance with 6-month interval.

Other conditions relative to Maintenance Visits:

  1. The First-month check-up is not counted in the number of required PMS visit
  2. General Repair and Body/Paint repairs are not counted as PMS visit.
  3. For low mileage vehicle, customers must follow period based PMS (6-months interval).
  4. For high mileage vehicle, customers must follow mileage based which is every 10,000km usage.
DOWNLOAD the Certificate of Vehicle Maintenance Form HERE.


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