Low Maintenance

Two Visits vs. Four Visits a Year

Did You Know?

During your vehicle's or , whichever comes first from the time of delivery; you are entitled for a at authorized Honda Cars Dealers’ Service Centers.


Furthermore, Honda only requires of every or , whichever comes first. Other manufacturers require PM at 3 months or 5,000 kms interval.

Less visit means less expense

Low Maintenance

Honda only requires its vehicles to undergo Preventive Maintenance every 6 months or 10,000 km.

Less Visits per Year

Built with top quality parts, your Honda does not require frequent Preventive Maintenance visits.

Only for 5 years

vs 20 visits

More time for you and your loved ones!

Why coming for PM on time will benefit you in the long run

  1. Optimum Performance of your car is guaranteed for safety
  2. Your car will be more fuel efficient and safe to drive
  3. Breakdowns are avoided leading to less repair costs and incovenience
  4. Parts are preserved and will last longer
  5. Upon reselling, your car will be found to be in top shape, thus, a higher resale value is assured
  6. Peace of mind