Honda's Full Hybrid System



Understanding the e:HEV

Hybrid technology uses two (2) sources of power – a gasoline engine and a motor that uses electric energy stored in batteries, for improved fuel economy.

With the e:HEV full hybrid system, it combines all of Honda's gasoline engine and electrification technologies with an array of advanced technologies to achieve exceptionally low fuel consumption and a new level of driving pleasure.

The system is a powerful combination of two electric motors, the Traction Motor and the Generator Motor. With the All-New Honda CR-V now equipped with the e:HEV technology, these motors are then mated to a new four-cylinder, 2.0-liter Direct Injection Atkinson Cycle engine. The engine provides 148 PS and 183 Nm of torque, and the electric motors put out 184PS and 335Nm of torque. While the motor operates throughout the low- to high-speed range, e:HEV relies on the gasoline engine alone for high-speed cruising. The e:HEV achieves a unique combination of environmental performance and driving pleasure that could not be achieved with an engine-only system.

e:HEV motor
e:HEV Fuel Economy with Driving Pleasure


e:HEV Drive Modes Explained

The e:HEV full hybrid system can intelligently switch operating modes to suit various driving situations between three modes. These are EV Drive Mode that lets the vehicle run solely on battery power, Hybrid Drive Mode which shifts power between the electric motor and the engine, and Engine Drive Mode. The ability to run on individual power modes is the main benefit of a full hybrid electric system, delivering true fuel economy gains. It also comes with a Drive Mode Switch, that enables the driver to easily select the driving modes to suit their style of driving, including Sport Mode, Normal Mode and Econ Mode. The smooth and seamless power transitions in the e:HEV also gives a quieter, more refined, and comfortable driving and riding experience.

The e:HEV is also a self-charging system. Through its regenerative braking system and traction motor, the system can harvest energy from braking and deceleration and recovers friction losses that would otherwise be unused. This helps extend the car’s electric power range and further optimize fuel economy. The battery can also be recharged with the help of the engine, serving as a generator to keep the electric drive system primed for action at a moment’s notice.

e:HEV Mode Graph




Uses pure electricity from the battery for spirited starts and acceleration.

When the driver starts off or drives in the city, the system uses only the traction motor to power the vehicle, drawing electricity from the battery. In this mode, the gasoline engine is not running and the vehicle operates as an EV. Based on the driver's operation of the accelerator pedal, the system precisely controls the power output of the motor for a smooth and responsive driving experience.


Uses both gasoline engine and electric motor, for more power and refined drive.

The system generates electricity with the gasoline engine and provides power to the wheels via the traction motor. As needed, the system also draws electricity from the battery to deliver powerful acceleration. By optimizing the balance between acceleration Gs in responce to a driver input and rising engine rpms, the system offers a smooth, linear acceleration feel.


Uses gasoline engine for sustained high-speed driving.

In high-speed cruising, which requires less torque, it is more efficient to rely exclusively on the engine for power than to operate the motor at high rpm. The system therefore directly connectes the engine driveshaft to the wheels to minimize energy loss.


e:HEV Mode Switch


The e:HEV full hybrid system is


in the All-New Honda CR-V RS e:HEV variant.