Honda Civic 50th Anniversary

Today, we remember the birth of an icon 50 years ago. On July 12, 1972, the line-off ceremony for the Civic was held and this “car created for citizens and cities" raised the hopes of every Honda Associate.

Its 1972 debut earned an outstanding level of recognition, with the first of three consecutive Motor Fan Magazine Japan "Car of the Year" awards. The car was designed to satisfy markets around the world as it blends beautifully in city scenes, moving swiftly through busy traffic. Notably, the Honda Civic would also be the first vehicle to meet the requirements of the 1970 U.S. Clean Air Act. These made the Civic garner much love from its customers, the general public, and many car enthusiasts.

Fast forward today and Honda’s iconic sedan celebrates its 50th birthday, as it continues to carry its unique traits such as exceptional handling, impressive fuel efficiency, and that sleek, confident look. One of the highlights of the 11th generation Honda Civic is the addition of Honda SENSING which elevates the car’s safety to a whole new level. Celebrating its golden year reminds us of how Honda’s iconic car evolved over several generations—50 years of serving that VTEC goodness and strong reliability, truly, the Civic nameplate serves as a true testament to the “Power of Dreams”.




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