Honda SENSING helps you get by holiday traffic safely and more conveniently

As staunch advocates of road safety, more and more of Honda’s global product portfolio now come equipped with the advanced driving assist technology, Honda SENSING. In keeping with Honda’s global safety concept ‘Safety for Everyone,’ the brand has developed the Honda SENSING suite of safety features that helps to improve the driver’s awareness of the road and traffic conditions, and in some circumstances, intervenes to help avoid a collision or mitigate its severity.

With the introduction of the All-New BR-V, Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) has once again expanded its range of Honda SENSING-equipped vehicles for the local market. The list includes the 11th Generation Civic, All-New HR-V, Civic Type R, select variants of the CR-V (S and SX Diesel AWD), and most recently the All-New BR-V 1.5 VX CVT.

With the Honda SENSING, customers can enjoy the benefits of an intelligent safety system including the convenience of advanced driver-assist functions. The technology package makes driving fun and convenient while keeping its occupants out of harm’s way. It also comes in handy during heavy traffic, especially at this time that the holiday rush is in full swing. Exactly how can the Honda SENSING ease the strain and stress of driving through traffic? Here are ways….

The car does the braking and acceleration for you

This isn’t your average cruise control, Honda’s Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is unique in that it is designed for use in traffic on busy streets, as well as on clear open roads. The ACC provides better convenience through a wide-view camera technology that detects the speed and distance of vehicles in front. Through the ACC, your Honda vehicle will automatically decelerate and accelerate your speed based on the car in front of you. The system is, therefore, able to perform braking and acceleration as needed.

Then, the Low-Speed Follow (LSF) automatically slows down the vehicle to a complete stop and accelerates back up to the set speed when the traffic conditions allow. All thanks to the added convenience of ACC and LSF, crawling through EDSA traffic and highway cruising don’t need to be that much of a chore.

The system notifies you when the preceding car moves

The Lead Car Departure Notification System (LCDN) is exclusive to the latest version of the Honda SENSING which uses a new camera with a wider field of view combined with improved software. The new system is currently installed on the Civic, HR-V, and the All-New Honda BR-V. What LCDN does is it alerts the driver through visual and audio warnings whenever the system senses that the car in front has moved ahead from a standstill.

Staying inside the lane is now easy-peasy

For some, keeping the car inside a lane can be quite a task, especially for newbie drivers. Thankfully, the Honda SENSING package also includes the Lane Keeping Assist System or LKAS. For added convenience, the system assists the driver’s steering in order to keep the vehicle well-positioned inside its lane. The steering wheel will vibrate, and an icon will pop up on the TFT once it senses the car departing the lane without the use of turn signals. Lane Departure Warning or LDW, on the other hand, notifies the driver when the car is going off-course. The system does this when the driver departs the lane without using the turn signal lights.

Helping you achieve better visibility during nighttime

Drivers will no longer have to bother with manually adjusting the headlight settings. All thanks to Auto High-Beam (AHB), the car gets the added convenience of automatically turning on the high beams when needed. It will detect upcoming vehicles and lower your beam appropriately when encountering oncoming traffic.

It avoids or lessens the severity of a collision

While it may be more for safety rather than convenience, the Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) helps the driver avoid a frontal collision or reduce impact if unavoidable. This is to be done by automatically applying the brakes when necessary. Once the system or the driver prevented the possible frontal collision, the audible alarm will then stop. Road Departure Mitigation or RDM, on the other hand, helps the driver avoid collision by steering the car back to the center of the lane. Both Honda SENSING features help achieve a safer driving experience.

Top-quality safety and convenience features within your reach

The Honda SENSING is available in most Honda models sold in the Philippines. The latest version is in the All-New Honda BR-V 1.5 VX CVT, 11th Generation Honda Civic, and All-New Honda HR-V. Other models with Honda SENSING include the Honda Civic Type R and select variants of the CR-V (S and SX Diesel AWD). Aside from the Honda SENSING, the superior safety of all the mentioned models has been affirmed by their respective 5-star ratings in the ASEAN-NCAP evaluation.

“Honda SENSING represents Honda’s unwavering commitment to realizing “Safety for Everyone.” As we expand the line-up of vehicles equipped with this intelligent safety and driver-assist system, we are pursuing the goal of zero traffic collision fatalities from Honda vehicles. We also hope for more awareness of the Honda SENSING features so that our customers can experience the joy and freedom of mobility. With the collective effort of vehicle owners, dealers, car makers, and all road users, we can meaningfully improve road safety” said Mr. Masahiko Nakamura, Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. President.

Book a test drive of Honda SENSING-equipped models, such as the All-New BR-V 1.5 VX CVT, to experience the technology first-hand. You may also visit any of the 37 Honda Cars dealerships nationwide or HCPI’s VIRTUAL SHOWROOM. Videos of the Honda SENSING features are also available at our Honda SENSING section and on HCPI’s official YouTube channel. Motorists are advised to always drive safely and responsibly. The Honda SENSING vehicles are not self-driving or fully automated. Honda SENSING provides driving support, drivers must at all times remain alert of road conditions.




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