KNOW if your CAR is SAFE

We use our vehicle to get to our destination; whether going to work, school, run errands, or on a road trip for a family vacation. Over time, our vehicles encounter a lot of wear and tear which can lead to potential safety issues that may cause threats while driving.

It is important that anyone who drives must understand the basic know-hows of a car to make sure that it is in good condition and safe to drive.

Here are some items to check if your car is safe to drive:

  1. There are no obvious leaks from the underneath of your car.
    Thus, the fluids should also be in the correct level as this may cause failure of the steering, brakes or radiator.

  2. Aside from the pressure, tires should also be worn or damage-free.
    In a worst-case scenario, a blown tire could cause you to crash. Don’t forget the spare tire should also be in good shape.

  3. The headlights, brake lights and turn signal are working correctly.
    Working lights make your car much safer as this helps you see and be seen by others.

  4. You don’t see any smoke, flame or smell anything burning.
    Smoke can mean a danger in your car and a threat to your safety. Have it checked immediately.

  5. There is no loud noise while you are driving.
    There could be a myriad of problems. Grinding, clicking or squealing sounds are all signs that should be taken seriously.

  6. The safety features of your car are functioning perfectly.
    This will save you from any threats as these are designed to keep you safe.

  7. There are no warning signs on the dashboard.
    Your car’s computer is performing a check on the sensors and systems to verify they are functioning correctly. If any light remains on, something is wrong and the vehicle needs to be checked.

  8. There is no open recall notice for your car.
    You should not ignore any recall notification received concerning your vehicle. Immediately contact a dealer to fully understand the recall for your own safety.

To know if you are part of Honda’s ongoing SRS recall, visit our RECALL INFORMATION page. 

You may also click for a quick recall video. 






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