One-day Paint Repair

One-day Paint Repair Service

How is One Day Paint Repair Possible?

By utilizing a technique to repair a single spot of scratches or dent without removing the actual panel, thus, enabling the technician to shorten the time of repair and repainting

Spot repair without removing panel

CoveredNot covered

Minor Spot Repair starts at Php 2,500 - 3,500 ONLY


Why Avail One Day Paint Repair?


    Fast and reliable Paint Repair done within 24 hours



    No additional cost for parts dismanteling,lower compared to per panel painting



    Performed by Honda Trained Technician Workmanship is covered by In-House Warranty


INQUIRE NOW! Available at the following authorized Honda Cars Dealerships:

  1. Honda Cars Pangasinan, Inc.
  2. Honda Cars Tarlac, Inc.
  3. Honda Cars Cavite
  4. Honda Cars Quezon City, Inc.
  5. Honda Cars Manila