Battery Care Tips

Tips on how to take care of your car battery:

  • Always start the engine of your car after two weeks of non-continuous use or drive your car at least once a day for 30 minutes
  • Turn off all car accessories like aircon, headlights, interior lights and audio, before leaving the car.
  • Check the battery fluid level. The upper and lower level is shown on the battery case. For some batteries, you can refer to a test indicator window located on the top.

Img useful tips batterycare indicator sample

  • For models with Driver Information Interface: The condition of the battery is monitored by a sensor located at the negative terminal. A driver interface will be displayed if there are problems in the sensor.

Img useful tips batterycare sensor sample

  • Clean and inspect your battery terminals. Ensure the battery clamps are intact to avoid battery discharge.
  • If necessary, disconnect the negative terminal of the battery in case the car will be stored for a long period of time (applicable for some models)