Importance of Genuine Parts

When it comes to Parts, it's best to use Genuine.

In building your car, genuine parts were used. These parts were manufactured or chosen by Honda and were meticulously tested to ensure that quality and safety standards were met.

Non-genuine parts were made by reverse engineering and in most cases, the specifications are not met so there is a risk that the part will not fit or work correctly. Moreover, non-genuine parts have limited warranties or none at all. These parts could also void your unit’s warranty.

Benefits of Using Genuine Parts

Perfect Fit for your Honda

Each part in your car is measured, manufactured and designed to precision. Replacement parts are not, creating the possibility of malfunction.

Top Quality

Honda parts are made of quality materials that pass stringent tests. No breakdowns that may cause damage or accident.

Lasts Longer

Honda Genuine Parts last much longer than replacement or fake parts.


Honda genuine parts come with warranty. In case of rare factory defect, parts will be replaced or repaired FREE of charge.

Car Warranty is Preserved

Using non-genuine parts will void the car’s warranty, preventing you from claiming warranty in case of breakdowns.

Higher Resale Value

When it’s time to sell your car, you can command higher price if all parts are genuine.

Fake Parts are Fatal!

Using fake parts involves great risk, as fakes have the tendency to fail without warning. When they do fail, damage to your vehicle is certain. In extreme cases, lives can be lost. Always insist on using only original parts for your Honda. You get better sense of safety and peace of mind. Real parts also give real value for your money because they last longer. In fact, you can be assured of a higher resale value for your Honda.

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